Clothing Outreach

The Clothing Outreach at Central Faith exists to provide  gently used, clean, quality clothing to anyone.
Whether you are looking for something warm as we head into cold weather, something cool heading into warmer weather,
an upcoming job interview, a new baby . . . whatever the need, the Clothing Outreach can help.

Everything is FREE and everyone is welcome!

1st Friday and 3rd Saturday of each month, 10:00am-1:00pm

The Clothing Outreach is able to operate and give clothes freely
due to being run by a group of highly dedicated team of volunteers.
If you are interested in joining this mission, feel free to fill out a Connection Card and we'll get you added into the lineup!

If you would like to donate any gently used clothing,  donation days/hours are:
Tuesdays 10:00am-12:00pm    |    Sundays 9:00am-11:00am
1st Friday and 3rd Saturday of each month, 10:00am-1:00pm

If you or someone you know is in need of clothing outside our regular hours please contact Sandy,
 or stop in Tuesdays and Thursdays between  2pm and 4pm.

Contact: Sandy Dean

“My favorite story was a grandmother who brought in her small grandson for clothes.
We told her to look for herself, and she said the only thing she needed was a bra.
We just happened to have two new ones just her size.
She cried and said that was the only thing on her Christmas list.
Hers were held together with safety pins. Our God is so good.”

- Clothing Outreach Stories

“A very scruffy young father with two very unkempt children came to shop a few years ago.
He asked for help with his five-year-old daughter while he shopped with his son.
The little girl and I had fun gathering a new wardrobe.
 Her coat was very dirty and way too small. We had a beautiful new coat for her.
She put on her new coat and handed me her old coat and said with a big smile,
“Will you give this to another little girl?”
This encounter still warms my heart!”

- Clothing Outreach Stories

“A few months ago, a woman in her 30s came in to look for clothes.
She stated that she was trying to get her life back together - bad relationships and addictions.
She had been going to her meetings and had found Jesus. We prayed with her and encouraged her.
She was looking for clothing for herself and also a daughter, whom she hoped to be able to get back.
She came in another time still in her struggle but trying.
Recently she called again about clothing but indicated she had been diagnosed with COVID and asked for prayer.”

- Clothing Outreach Stories

“A young homeless man in his early 20s came to the Central Faith community meal we were hosting.
He washed and ate. He was still looking a little down, so we asked if there was something we could help with.
He explained that he had a job interview but nothing to wear.
 When we were done, he had a complete three-piece suit, shoes, and socks.
We were going to put the new suit in a suit carrier, but he insisted on wearing it.
He said, “I feel like somebody now.”
We found out later he did get the job and is now in his own apartment.”

- Clothing Outreach Stories