Our Counseling Mission and Orientation:

We are pastoral counselors. We are not licensed nor credentialed to diagnose mental health conditions nor conduct psychotherapy. We provide teaching, comfort, and support to any person desiring psychological and spiritual growth under the administration of Central Faith Church, a religious organization.

Biblical Counseling

People find biblical counseling effective when needing support in the following areas:

  • Recovering from trauma
  • Processing grief and loss
  • Coping with stress and anxiety
  • Developing healthy expectations of self and others
  • Solving relationship issues
  • Growing a healthy marriage
  • Developing parenting skills
  • Resolving or managing conflict
  • Discerning healthy life balance

Adolescent & Adult DBT Skills

Wednesdays 6:30 – 8:30  beginning January 10, 2024

Format: Several teens and their adult family members meet weekly with the skills who systematically works through the standard DBT skills curriculum. This is a class; it is not group therapy. Each member works to learn and practice the skills for themselves.
  • DBT is an effective treatment for people who have difficulty controlling their emotions and behaviors.
  • DBT aims to replace problem behaviors with skillful behaviors.
  • DBT skills help people experience a range of emotions without necessarily acting on those emotions.
  • DBT skills help teens navigate relationships in their environment (family/school/ peers).

It is important to know:
  • The lessons build on each other so a high level of commitment is necessary to secure a spot in the class.
  • These skills classes are conducted by a board-certified, DBT trained counselor, not a licensed therapist.
  • The Central Faith DBT skills class is taught through a Christian faith lens, however, no pressure to believe as we do will be applied.
  • Each unit is $250 per person or $500 per family regardless of how many family members attend. Partial are available upon request. We do not accept insurance.
  • Contact Jerrie@centralfaith.org to schedule a phone interview to see if this class is a good fit for you.
  • Location: Central Faith Church, 825 Ave. D, Snohomish, WA 98290 (between the Dollar Tree and Defensive Driving.)

What do I need to know?

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions and other important information to help you wherever you are at.


We are trained and licensed to administer several different assessments which can help determine possible areas of need. These assessments help us refer you to vetted Christian psychologists and psychiatrists more qualified than ourselves.  These assessments can be a helpful first step when people know they need help, but don’t know what kind or where to go.


We are a non-profit organization and do not require payment for services. We operate on the donations of our guests and ministry supporters. Services will not be denied for financial reasons. We recommend a donation of $50 for each visit which can last 50 – 90 minutes. If $50 is beyond your current means, we hope you will prayerfully consider what you can give and will perhaps donate to the ministry in the future when you are in a position to “pay it forward.”  
 We are unable to accept insurance of any kind.

Policies & Procedures:

To review our Policies & Procedures regarding confidential counseling, please click below.


To assess the level of help needed, and investigate options, please email Jerrie Froelich at jerrie@centralfaith.org.

Get to know me.

Jerrie Froelich is a Board-Certified Pastoral Counselor and current associate pastor of member care and counseling at Central Faith Church. In addition, Jerrie oversees the Life Hub Community Space at Central Faith and teaches DBT Skills classes to help adults, adolescents and families learn to manage their emotions skillfully. She has three decades of experience teaching junior high and high school English, has worked as a pastor of children and families, as an ESL teacher and program director and was a missionary in Haiti for four years. She is a licensed minister with a passion for people and God's Word. She loves to help people find ways to flourish and walks alongside people recovering from grief and trauma. Jerrie and her husband Karl have lived on a small farm in Snohomish since 2003 where they care for their horses, goats, chickens and bees. They have five adopted children and an ever-growing number of grandchildren and godchildren.

Ready to get started? Still have questions?